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Bella Donna


Produced in association with 151 Productions and Tomato & Cheese Productions

Year of production: 2017 

Running Time: 5 min 49 sec


Genre: Romance, Thriller

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Desperate for the love of femme fatale Bella Donna, a star-crossed stock broker invites her to a secret garden to make one final, poetic pitch. It’s "Romeo & Juliet" with a "Basic Instinct" twist.

Written by: John Krissilas and Lena Burmenko

Directed by: John Krissilas

Director of Photography: Lena Burmenko

Edited by: Lena Burmenko

Produced by: John Krissilas and Lena Burmenko


Starring: Aman Corr, Dwayne Wilson

Screenings: Kino T.O. (Feb 2017)


All poster design by John Krissilas

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