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"I've worked with Gracias Productions on several projects, including the short film co-production 'Bella Donna'. They have an amazing eye for cinematography, subject framing, and capturing compelling angles, and can also edit footage efficiently and tastefully, weaving together a complex range of material. The result was an amazing, beautiful film. I highly recommend Gracias Productions to help bring your vision to life!"

- John Krissilas, Filmmaker (151 Productions)

"Lena worked as an executive producer of my film, and I must say she has an exquisite eye for detail! She was on top of each element and component of my production - with a special attention to the editing process; and gave pointers to my editor. As a result - our silent comedy went to receive four international awards! Thank you Lena of Gracias Productions!"

- Vira Burmenko, Director and Composer of "La Vie d'un Clown" (AGT Productions)

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