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Produced in association with One Studios


  • Playground made the top 3 for the Audience Choice Award (2nd place) at TAPfest IV held June 3rd, 2016

  • Aman Corr Won the Oh No You Didn't Award at TAPfest IV held June 3rd, 2016

Year of production: 2015 

Running Time: 8 min 13 sec


Genre: Horror, Found Footage

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A couple celebrates their two year anniversary in a place no one will ever forget.

Produced by: Lena Burmenko

Written and Directed by: Lena Burmenko, Juan Rodriguez

Cinematography by: Lena Burmenko, Juan Rodriguez

Edited by: Lena Burmenko


Starring: Aman Corr (as Amanda Corr), Juan Rodriguez, Michael J. B. Hogan

Screenings: TAPfest IV (June 2016)

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